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Theater de Makkers

These categories of questions appear in two forms: first, it is asked to explain key expressions or sentences taken from the text, then to find synonyms or equivalents for words taken from the text. To explain expressions taken from the text, Discover resources where are described these two steps: first step: place the sentence in context; second step: explain the meaning, always according to this context. We will, therefore, take care never to treat the explanation in absolute terms, that is to say without taking the context into account: as such, situating the expression in the progression of the text is a good thing and the plan established during the preparatory phase can help the candidate to clearly define the contextual meaning of the expression or sentence to be explained. To find synonyms or equivalent expressions of words taken from the text, one may be complete and precise, always focus on the contextual sense. Synonyms, therefore, are not absolute equivalents. To make the right choice, we will choose a synonym that can also “stick” to the context of the subject. Otherwise, the answer could become a mistake. For this type of question too, taking the context into account is therefore essential.